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Any sexy comic girls out there

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They say everyone loves a mongolian sexy girls boy, but what about a bad girl? On top of her martial arts skills, Elektra has the ability to make other people see illusions, including comic book readers, who always see her in a miniscule outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination.

The adopted daughter of ThanosGamora is the last of her species. Similar to Elektra, Gamora is skilled combatant and works as a deadly assassin, having been trained by Thanos as a child.

She eventually turned on him, and assisted the Avengers in battling her adoptive father. Peter Parker is supposed to be a nerd, but he sure does capture the attention of some beautiful women.

Her only downside seems to be her obsession with Spider-Man, something that has put Peter at risk ocmic more than one occasion.

Sure, the yellow eyes are a any sexy comic girls out there frightening at first, but everything about Mystique screams sexy. She is the definition of a bad girl, typically working with Magneto as an enemy of the X-Men. Her main mutant power is the ability to shape shift, meaning she can appear as any other person in the world, fulfilling any fantasy you could ever want.

What is it about spies that make them so sexy? This southern belle is most often seen wearing a full body suit, complete with gloves, to keep her powers from involuntarily hurting. Still, that body and charm has left her with many an admirer, risk be damned.

While Rogue has had a lot of different looks over the years, and while her Savage Land any sexy comic girls out there alone is enough to land her on this list, her 90s fashion will never go out of style. Years of hand to hand combat training has also rendered her body incredibly fit and toned, which is part of the reason she has such a youthful escort service fort worth.

The blonde ice queen seems to have no problem in making herself the center of attention everywhere she goes with her head-turning figure and tendency to reveal copious amounts skin. Tell us who do you think is the sexiest female character asian college anal Marvel in the comments section.

Your nice italian girls address will not be published. Elektra They say everyone loves a bad boy, but what about a bad girl? May 18, Furkan Black widow is not number 1 are you kidding me. May 3, at 7: May 17, at 4: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.