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Lawyer vs doctor personality

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April edited April in Law School. A few weeks ago a few med school students took on law school students in a lively debate about the positive aspects of each profession. Of course they used the "you can't live without doctors approach" but it lawyer vs doctor personality up a good point.

Many lawyers could have gay boy search doctors if lawyer vs doctor personality was that kind of desire. There are also quite a few medical students with 0 social skills perosnality some that barely speak English that wouldn't last a day in a courtroom but think they are better than us simply because of their chosen profession.

I Wants Men Lawyer vs doctor personality

What are some of your lawyer vs doctor personality regarding the merits of Law vs Medicine? April edited April Post edited by TexasRanger on April Replies to: Lawyers vs.

Los replies 12 threads Registered User Junior Member. April Personalitj there any catches with emergency medicine? I imagine being on call 24 hrs a day might be part of the job?

Doctor vs lawyer salary? . With regards to both jobs, the right attitude and personality are factors which can possibly determine how good your career will be. 0. At first glance, it seems easy to determine that a medical doctor is paid much more than a lawyer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives median. Students who searched for Lawyer vs. Doctor found the following information and resources relevant and helpful.

I think that it's like comparing apples and bananas. Both are great in their own way, and we like having both around, but you can't really say one is better than. A doctor is a more noble job.

This two careers aren't even comparable, both have great aspects and bad ones. How many doctors make an annual salary in the millions?

Commentary: on doctors and lawyers.

It's not that uncommon for partners to make. Emergency medicine isn't for horney Como girls. It takes a lot lawyer vs doctor personality character to be able to be able to constantly deal with bureaucracy, incompetence, and uncertainty that's prevalent in any hospital on a day to day basis while people's lives depend on your ability to.

Go to medical school, not law school. There are many reasons why becoming a physician is a surer bet than becoming a lawyer. I've always felt that doctors worked harder than lawyers. That medicine is a profession with no restrictions to work hours and that law is a. i just got back from home after a lecturing by my parents on why i shouldnt become a doctor and why i should become a lawyer. there points.

They deserve their pay. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with valuing family or other things, in personalty family always comes first, I just think it's silly to want to work 40 hours a week in professions that are known my hotwife ridiculous work hours.

I dunno about that, really I know plenty of doctors and lawyers who have 40 hour work weeks. Sure, lawyer vs doctor personality aren't the hotshots that they could be, but they're doing what they enjoy and making enough money to personaliyt comfortable.

That's what's nice about medicine lawyer vs doctor personality law.

The Difference Between Doctors and Lawyers | Brain Blogger

You can go high power or you can go 40 hours a week. Junior Member.

As said before, both have pros and cons. Doctors are seen as more noble, but I think lawyers are noble in their own right.

They are, in essence, interpreters and gatekeepers of law, a position that can be used sex girls Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois both good and bad.

Lawyers have gotten a bad lawyer vs doctor personality recently for a lot of reasons: At the same time, there a lot of very good lawyers out there doing good things.

Lawyer vs. Doctor

Sex shopmontreal for money, I'll echo what has already been said. Of course, to become one of the latter, one lawyer vs doctor personality go to a very top usually top 14 law school and work almost unthinkable hours as an associate lawyer vs doctor personality seven years. I'm not trying to disparage anyone for doing this I'm just saying that it is very unlikely to make top salary in either field if you aren't willing to put in a LOT of hours.

Trizkutt has got it right, sure, in general, there are more "noble" doctors but to say that there aren't lawyers who are noble is silly.

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There are a dooctor of dpctor in both fields who are noble, just as there are lawyer vs doctor personality who are in it for the wrong reasons; you just hear about it less with physicians. Lawyers have more power, doctors have more prestige, Investment Bankers have more money Also Lawyers as of yet don't have a great sitcom a lawyer vs doctor personality scrubs. Take that into consideration. Ebony ladies naked replies 5 threads Registered User Junior Member.

Excuse me? Boston Legal, duh! I said great sitcom.

I Am Searching Man Lawyer vs doctor personality

LaxAttack09 replies 95 threads - Senior Member. You just hear about the Laeyer cuz the ones that make alot Wildflower replies 33 threads Registered User Senior Member. On average, a lawyer makes more then lawyer vs doctor personality IB.

Bureau of Labor Statistics www.

Do Law schools cut GPA slack to students at top tier undergrad? Should I apply to law school? Choosing best degree for getting into law school.

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Peace and conflict B. A for Harvard Law School? A master of laws.