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Many animals live in holes in the ground, each leaving distinctive clues at the loooking to give away their identity. Holes vary greatly in size and shape and, although looking for a Badger ore occupied permanently, others are only used on a temporary basis.

Often when one species is not in occupation another is.

This occurs Badgfr with badger setts. Each badger clan will have a series of setts of differing sizes within its territory which may be used at different times.

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This may seem a little complicated but the important thing is to establish whether the structure you are looking at is looking for a Badger badger sett, and if so whether it is occupied.

With a little practice badger setts can be quickly identified and their occupancy established.

Systematically cover all the ground in the looking for a Badger you are surveying and look for any of the signs detailed in the field notes. Pay particular attention to woodlands, hedgerows, field edges and glens.

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Record the location of signs you find and you will gradually build up a picture of where your badgers live, play and forage. They measure between to mm wide.

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There is often a substantial pile of earth called a spoil heap just outside the hole. This spoil heap can contain badger hairs and discarded vegetation which has been used as bedding within the sett.

They are a dirty white with a silver tip and a dark band approximately 10mm wide just below it. They looking for a Badger extremely distinctive in their structure being around 70mm long, oval in cross section and coarse, almost wiry, in texture.

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The tell-tail, oval shape is evident when the hairs are rolled between the finger and thumb. No other mammal found naturally lookign the wild in Britain has guard hair that fells like.

Guard hairs are frequently found in spoil heaps or caught on barbed wire or brambles where badgers have passed. Badgers are looking for a Badger only animals in Britain to use an open dung pit in which to deposit their droppings.

Where a number of these small, shallow holes occur together they are known as a latrine. The droppings are usually unconditional love chinese a uniform texture, dark green or black in colour and looking for a Badger of musk although they can vary depending on the diet.

Scratch marks may be found on a dead tree or an Elder near the sett. This is where badgers have stretched their tendons at the start of the evening.

There may be a marking purpose too as badgers have scent glands between their toes. Depending on the hardness of the ground over which they are moving badgers may leave foot prints.

These are very distinctive, having five toes with very distinctive claw marks at the end, and a central pad shaped rather like a kidney.

Snuffle holes in the ground where they have dug up roots, destroyed cow pats which have been scattered to get at the grubs and dug looking for a Badger wasp loooing are just some of the signs that badgers leave on the landscape.

For issues related to badger problems, legislation, planning, mitigation, data searches and to log badger records: Operations Co-ordinator. Project Officer. Location in website: Website Search Search.

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Project Officer T: For training and web presence: