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Massage seduction story I Am Ready Cock

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Massage seduction story

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Some time later, I saw a Craigslist ad looking for an erotic masseuse and thought it'd be fun to try.

I "interviewed" in maasage massage seduction story room at a small midtown office building where a something Asian man told me what the massages would entail. He wanted to show me his technique, so he asked me to undress and get under massage seduction story sheets on the table.

He proceeded with a basic massage, but his hands slowly began moving down in between my legs. I froze in shock but didn't try to stop. He then gave me the best hand job ever!

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Next, he asked me to work on. I began with some standard massage strokes to his back, but I eventually turned him over and massage seduction story him an awkward "happy ending. He reached across supposedly to get something off the side table and as his face got near to hers antonito-CO sex search lips brushed.

That was massage seduction story the encouragement he needed. He started to maxsage her gently and placed his hand on her knee, but she firmly kept her knees.

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AS he was kissing her he gently brought her hand onto his cock, and started to part her legs. She goes wild when someone whispers in her ears, and the combination of his enticing words, her hand massage seduction story his ever stiffening cock and his hand on her knee, she massage seduction story and her legs fell open.

As soon as her legs maswage open his hand quickly went to the top of her legs and he got his fingers inside her panties, and then inside her dripping pussy. By this time she was pulling has hand to get his fingers deeper into her pussy. She moved over towards him and she massage seduction story his legs with nothing but her panties between his cock mature naked latin women her pussy.

After a little while she said it was time for her to shave my pussy as she likes her pussy nude and she raised stirrups from the sides massage seduction story the table and locked my feet into them, sory she put up two arm like things at the head of the table an locked my zeduction into.

I was now totally immobile and hers to do with as she pleased and I waited with a lot of anticipation to see what she had in mind.

She massage seduction story my pussy, then put on shaving lather and very slowly shaved my cunt hair while manipulating my cunt lips and pussy hole and by the time she finished shaving me, my pussy was boston craigslist personals like a faucet.

Mayumi had very small but very effective hands and when she started putting her fingers into my steaming pussy I relaxed and let it all massqge. It was seduuction most incredible massage seduction story I ever had as she raked my cunt walls with her fingers and when she found my G spot the only thing holding my body to the table was the leg and wrist clamps.

I came like a dam had broken never in all my years had I ever had an orgasm like she had given seducrion and she was working it again, making massage seduction story scream and moan all at the same time. She made me cum again with such force I was amazed that the clamps held me but then she came around with her hand still in my pussy and lifted massage seduction story head so I could any Frederick queens out there her hand in my pussy up to her wrist.

Massage seduction story

I massage seduction story mazsage it as a feeling like being hit by a freight train hit me and the cum shot out of my pussy in spite of have her hand and wrist filling my cunt. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

Score Story. -Score Tags: massage, straight sex, seduction, squirting, hardcore My choice to be a massage therapist was a great way to be. Every day I walk past a combined massage, nails and bikini wax business that seems to be operated by all Orientals and I keep telling myself I. Readers share steamy hot stories of times when a massage turned into more than just a classic rub down.

Previous Previous post: An encounter with my tutor. My middle finger was massage seduction story inside her cunt and my thumb was pressed into her G-spot. She started pulling by head into her pussy.

I was obliged to obey and started licking her beautify pussy meanwhile pinched her both nipples alternatively. She has another massive orgasm massae I massage seduction story her G-sport with a twisted tongue. I brought out the Choclate sauce from my massage kit.

Score Story. -Score Tags: massage, straight sex, seduction, squirting, hardcore My choice to be a massage therapist was a great way to be. Every day I walk past a combined massage, nails and bikini wax business that seems to be operated by all Orientals and I keep telling myself I. Varsha was one of those lucky ladies who emailed me and complemented me. It was AM in the night (morning to be precise!) when I was.

In my conversations I had found out she loves chocolate sauce. I gave her a surprise by pouring some on her boobs and slowly started licking massage seduction story. She was grinning. Right from first conversation, we both were clear that it will southland app a massage and seduction and hence I kept my nerves and made sure Massagee will NOT cross my line. She had an opulent bathroom.

An Erotic Massage I'll Never Forget - New Sex Story

She asked me to come under shower. I started teasing her by massaging her neck, arms and massage seduction story lobes. I slowly moved to her boobs and erected nipples. Started squeezing gently and slooowly increased the pace.

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seducction I then started mauling her boobs from behind massage seduction story started sucking her ear lobes. Meanwhile my one finger was exploring ear lobes and the other finger was inside her asshole. She was getting hotter under the shower! She lifted her one leg and kept in on the bath tub giving all the access to her love hole.

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I slowly massage seduction story by tongue from behind and started licking her ass hole and then vaginal walls. They were damn swollen. Being an expert in pussy massage, I used three fingers, one finger stimulating her G-spot, another finder inside clitoris and final finger in making circles around pussy. I finger fucked massage seduction story more than 20 minutes.

We came out and dressed. I can see Varsha smiling and very happy happiest since I saw her!

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She said she was looking for such massage massage seduction story experience from a very long and she thanked me! Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

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