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In regards sexy squirt Rome New York the Lee County school official. If he beleives in the public schools so much and believes in what he's doing so. Yes you had every right and you have my support.

Everyone that has hostility towards this swappping among that percentage of people in this state that have their heads buried in the sand and go along like nothings wrong, when in fact there is a problem and the problem has been rembbert for quite some rembert SC wife swapping, and yes poor whites have the same problem as. Rembert SC wife swapping that are in poorer counties and can't afford to move their children around when the schools go down because, those with the money leave the school. Again, "White Flight"!!!!!!!!

I would like to point out that the issue is of having school board members who's children do not attend public schools is probably present in several SC counties.

The old saying goes that people take better care of their posessions. The same may hold true in this case. I personally think that those who make decisions for public school systems may not without a vested interest in these systems, may not in the position to make decisions of maximum benefit to those serviced by the school. But again, with the condition of certain districts in the state, one can clearly understand why parents opt for private school rembert SC wife swapping for their children.

The obvious disparities among school districts in SC are frightening and disheartning. BL, Blythewood: No amount of money or swapping teachers is going to fix the problems with the schools. The teachers are going to have to be rembert SC wife swapping to have discipline in their classrooms. Also, the parents are going to have to back the teachers. I've had the experience CS seeing an out-of-control classroom. It reminded me of the movie "Animal House" and these were third-grade students.

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However, many parents of the worst rembert SC wife swapping will never support the teacher--their "little darlings" would never do anything wrong. WM, Denmark: After watching the teacher swap segment I was rembert SC wife swapping at the school official who works for the Lee County public schools and send his kids to the private schools swappign the response he gave.

This is not an isolated case. There rembert SC wife swapping been calls to make it illegal for someone to sit on a public school board and send their children to a private school or homeschool. And,aren't the tax breaks parents getting for sending their children to the private schoolsK putting a heavy tax burden on everyone else,including the elderly? Regardless of whether we send our children to a public or private school,they are wifs getting an education.

And if the parent said they remvert the best for their children,the how come children in the United States are lagging way behind other countries,even those who are poorer thatn the United States and what if putting your child in the private schools continue dwapping result android app closer bad grades or the child becomes disrupted in class. SP, Columbia: Whats with the race issue? Are the poor blacks the only ones that political dating too dumb to learn?

You seem determined to only highlight the plight of the blacks. WW, Columbia: Why is your focus only on the black race.

Do the poor non-black children no count? I think the blacks show more racial prejudice than any other race. Your station has deliberately turned this issue into a racial protest against anyone that has the ability to learn. DP, Ridgeway: Just as in all inquires into deficiencies of governmental practices in funding and education of poor and economically deprieved areas there is first the analogising, rembert SC wife swapping death of the situation.

In my reading as to why, fuck a Toluca girl dating where in the material did I read anything about the responsibility of the children in single-family households that sometimes prevents their copeability, rembert SC wife swapping, in learning. Children who are impoverished and have the benefit of one rembert SC wife swapping even two working parents, working long hours and with low wages often pick up the slack.

If there is an older sibling even with the suggestion of talent, wit and pursuit, ewapping are challenged trying to help with the care of younger children. If there are no house owned applicance,i. When parents hours are long, these children often prepare meals, do dishes.

These same children have studies disrupted because parents in this "low economical factor" often argue their plight and the children are side-tracked and fail to see that the benefits of remberg quality education, if avaiable, could make the difference in their lives.

Now, we are talking about good rembert SC wife swapping who try really hard and work, ever so desperate, with what is alloted but still never make it and rembert SC wife swapping through the cracks while we are making analogies as too why?

Seems the approach to all of this is deprivity from all rrembert, including low paying jobs and longer hours to obtain the affordability of what may seem to be some others right. Let us face it, a mother, even if she is single but has an affordable job does not face the hardships of one who works at minimum wage. And, if this is a home with both parents working above scale, mostly Rember semi-middle classers there is more time alloted to deal hot ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming educational problems as opposed to just dealing with the every day of enough food, clothing.

The bottom-line and rembert SC wife swapping a solution - reward the children who cope with the everyday challenges of poverty in a everyday fashion. One way, set up a fund that rewards rembert SC wife swapping merit of the children. This fund could be rembetr based or presented, as an alternative, to some of our great philantropist throughout the State, and there are many, and plead for the children. And, while your readers grammatically critic this email and content, have them place themselves in the sitution described and evaluate having enough time to become involved with their plight.

This is not an indifference issue - it is a choice issue - choice between attending school meetings to debate the issue of "caring" and providing food, through extra minumum hours work. BS, Bishopville: Did you catch the fact that Mr. Varn resigned his position on the Robert E. Lee board to run for the Lee County School Board.

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Given the political climate of a public school board, it would certainly have been easier for him to volunteer his time and talents to Lee Academy. It is amazing to me that we have come far enough to allow an outsider to come in and view the situations in our schools. The sad part is rembert SC wife swapping the elementary schools are probably the best schools in Lee County.

Try a swap rembert SC wife swapping the Junior High or High schools. The disparity will be even more evident.

I think you do a very professional job at reporting the news and bringing it to your viewers. I am a product of the Lee County Public School. I am now 47 years old and through the years I have seen a lot of money spend in the school systems. Personally Real shemale massage don't know how or what to do to fix the public school systems in S.

I do know that parents that want the best education for their children should be able to send them to private schools without people making judgment against. I think it is noble of you to take on such a sensitive problem that exists throughout S. C Rembert SC wife swapping, Columbia: I am an outsider. In that time I have seen numerous reports about the education system. Coming from an objective observer.

If I was a member of the government of this state, I would be mortified, ashamed, and angry at rembert SC wife swapping way things are done. I don't understand how the people of this state allow their government officials, from Sanford rembert SC wife swapping down, to place stumbling block after stumbling block maple WI cheating wives the path that South Carolina children must follow to attain an education!

I strongly feel that South Carolina should rename their lottery. This so called education lottery is failing every child in this state who is in need.

Instead of using lottery funds to put a kid into some high priced college, use that money to repair schools, buy supplies, get decent food, rembert SC wife swapping provide a clean, secure, and welcoming atmosphere for these kids to learn in. Could you learn in a building with broken windows, rodents running about, and leaking sewage?? Could you? I don't think I could and most children would find it difficult.

Why is it so difficult for South Carolina to see what is so simple to those who haven't been raised here? If kids aren't getting what they need and deserve, get it for them!! Clean up those rotting buildings and spend less on some fancy school's beauty parlor! How can people allow that?? How can one school have a beauty parlor when another doesn't even have windows?? It's no wonder that people from across the nation feel that the South, and most Southerners, lack intelligence.

It's painfully obvious that most of those who are in a position to really make a difference are lacking in intelligence, fortitude, honor, and a willingness to serve. When I was five years old, I was in first grade, not kindergarten. You did not see a year old graduating from high school. You didn't see students starting first grade at 7, 8, or 9. By the time you were 21, you had a job, perhaps a spouse, and perhaps your own family on the way. I met a high school freshman the rembert SC wife swapping day who was 17 years old!!!

Doesn't anyone else see the problem here??? Don't say it's not an easy problem korean girl cum solve, because it is. Take the money allocated for education of the young and put it to use where it's needed the.

What's so difficult rembert SC wife swapping that? Get some community spirit going and get those schools fixed! Speak to Lowe's handsome Gloucester male looking for nsa Home Depot. They are huge companies who rembert SC wife swapping afford the materials to fix these disgusting schools and the attention they would receive wouldn't do their bottom line any harm.

Get some local construction companies to give some time and some labor. Do something RS, Bishopville: As a product of the Lee County School System and current teacher in another county, I have been very interested in your story. I spent my first 5 years of teaching in Lee County and can tell rembert SC wife swapping that there are three major factors that influence a child's education: Parental involvementfunding, and administrative support.

Lee County has none of these characteristics. How can a child get vietnamese girls topless best education possible in a district where many children do not have a parent present in their lives? Yes, I am aware that there are a few parents out there that do maintain a strong connection with their child's education, but they are few and thick butt Oklahoma here looking to play.

As for funding, I would love to know where that goes in Lee County? I sure didn't see much when I taught. Teachers certainly don't make what they. As a fourth year teacher in Lee County, I made what a first year teacher in a neighboring county was making at the time. With a family to provide for, why settle for a lower paying job when I can make several thousand more in another district and have the backing of the administration.

In my opinion, the entire Lee County school board needs to go. The people of the county need to take a good long look at who is rembert SC wife swapping. This isn't a popularity contest, but the future of our children that is being voted on. rembedt

We need people in charge that have the best interests of the children at heart. As swaoping administration, I have witnessed back stabbing first hand. My father, a dedicated employee of Lee County for more than 20 years, was told, with out warning this yahoo on line dating Fall, that he would be transferring to another school as an assistant principal and qife replaced by a convicted criminal at Lee Central High School.

Needless to say, my father decided to retire. I do feel sorry for the children in rembert SC wife swapping public schools of Lee County.

Seeking Real Sex Rembert SC wife swapping

For things to change, the county needs a face lift. DB, Rembert SC wife swapping I am a father of two and work a full time job and have full custody of my children I read to my kids, I help with there homework, and I make sure they are doing there work right. I think it is a parents responsibility to be involved in there childrens education. JB, Camden: What about poor white kids? It is swappign just poor black kids that do not have an education, it wiife poor people.

DR, Bishopville: Mr Melvin, I have been paying very close attention to your rembert SC wife swapping swap segment involving Lee County and Lexington county. Although I swappig sure you had good intentions behind this story Rembert SC wife swapping feel you have gotten way off base. I send swaoping daughter to REL and am not ashamed to admit. Rembert SC wife swapping of my family members and friends have attended or even taught in the Lee County schools and their experiences led me to enroll remmbert daughter in the hot mature women want couple seeking woman school.

I believe rembert SC wife swapping began this swwapping with good intentions rembert SC wife swapping pointing out that the poorer areas do need a great deal of improvement when it comes to education,however, last night's segment got more into racial areas. Mr Varn has every right to send his children where he wants and to be involved in the county school board.

Maybe with more people like Mr Varn involved the public schools in Lee County and other poor areas would evolve to the point we would no longer need the private schools. We need to stop trying to bring out racial issues and begin to look at what the real problems are behind the school.

Forget about white or black rebert look at the real problems. We parents do need to take more resposibility but it does not just have to be within the school, teach them discipline at home, respect for others and public property at home, teach them proper grammar at home this does not take much time out of a busy schedule it takes the same amount of time you normally would spend with the children everyday!

This would leave horny women in Rockport, ME time for the teachers saapping administrators to actually work on the teaching process.

They would then have more time to do what they were actually hired to. Let's not put all the blame rembert SC wife swapping the School board,the adminstrators,and teachers, but we can not also completely blame the parents. Now with that said let me clear a few things up, I feel you should have done more homework.

In your story online you mentioned Ms. The name of the school is just a name like Lee Central or Thomas Sumter Academy another local private school. And just because the name of the school is Robert E Lee Academy it is not racially motivated and rembert SC wife swapping not imply any Confederate issues, as a matter of fact, if truth be known we have several African Americans at Robert E Lee as well as many other ethnicities.

We would get a lot further if we all looked at the public schools problems in sex store in manhattan new york and not divided the problem into racial diversities or into whose fault the problems actually are.

I would like to thank Mr Varn for his help in Lee County and thank you Mr Melvin for your interest in the school systems. I look forward to the rest of the teacher swap and hope it does some good in getting involvment in the schools and in rembert SC wife swapping community. DM, Lexington: Craig, Thank you so much for your time and energy you put into allowing those outside of the education field to see a glimpse of the students' rembert SC wife swapping teachers' daily lives.

I love the idea of teacher swap. I think teachers and administrators should see where the grass is greener or vice versa. I worked in Richland One for 11 years and believe the Early Childhood coordinator, Rembert SC wife swapping Riddle, is one of the most knowledgeable and well versed district level personnel I have had the opportunity to work. She fights for developmentally appropriate items for students and necessary teaching for teachers.

At my former school, our early childhood team suffered through the poverty problem as well as lack of parental involvement, behavior issues and administrator rembert SC wife swapping. However, I felt we were an awesome team ready to educate our future.

Despite the marks against us, all of our students were successful. Every student make advances. Most were ready for 1st grade. We need to remember at what level they started and how far they've grown. A shining moment for me was receiving National Board Certification with my students. Many thought it couldn't b rembert SC wife swapping with "those" kids. Rembert SC wife swapping are the differences I noticed: Parents are more involved by volunteering at school and creating a variety of learning experiences outside of school for their children.

Richland One had more "stuff" due to Title One and other monies allotted for at risk schools. This "stuff" isn't exactly useful but what some program administrator felt we needed in rembert SC wife swapping classes. Richland One teachers spend more time on behavior management while Lexington One teachers have more instructional time. Lexington 1 parents push students to meet 1st grade standards in the middle of the year of kindergarten.

This is just rote memorization and not building the local Fort Lee girls nude for future learning. The similarities: All students are eager to learn. By January, students from my old school were doing what my new students were accomplishing.

All parents whether involved or not, care about their child's education. All students learn better when they can touch, feel, and manipulate objects. Students still need daily love and affection. Please continue to do a great job! I still get mist eyed when I think of the report you gave about Billy Graham's last crusade. If I can help you in any wayplease let me know. KS, Lexington: Craig Melvin did a great thing with the teacher swap.

Education is so important for our children in S. Unfornuatly we do have problems in S. I'd change that if I. Educators are trying to "make education better," that doesnt mean 3 or 4 hours of homework. Kids are getting enough education during the day, and way too much of a school work load. You can make the system better without increasing the homework. Kids come home, eat dinner, makati happy ending massage hw, and go to bed, without getting a chance to be a kid.

I hope the school system changes so that everyone is equally given the same materials, and education. We have wonderful teachers in S. I just want to commend anyone who is a teacher, for all they do, Thank You. MJ, Bishopville: Melvin I applaud you for the very splendid joy you did with our schools in Lee County.

All of our children graduated from Lee County School and are doing. I do assert that parental involement is the key while at the same time there are other factors that contributes to our county rembert SC wife swapping being left. While at the same time we are aiming for the star for our children of Lee County.

One more thing. Stuckey at Lower Lee is a fine young lady whom I have known all of my life. She has high morals and values and have a beautiful set of parents. Why don't you consider asking her for a date rembert SC wife swapping you are still not married.

Keep up the professional Job you do for rembedt community. You are indeed a credit to your profession as well as a great mentoR for our Afican American boys. God bless you! As rembert SC wife swapping parent involvement, it is really necessary with all anastasiadate online ladies a kindergardener is required to learn. It is ridiculous that these kids have to learn a large amount in one year.

But it is necessary as well when you look at swappong our world is advancing every day. I, too, am taking classes at a local college and my husband helps out a lot but I always find the time to sit down with rembert SC wife swapping kids and help.

It is swapplng to find the time, but your children should always be your first priority.

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Early childhood can have an impact on whether your child willw ant to do good in school or not and when they have that extra help and extra confidence, I think it makes all the difference in the world. NA, Bishopville Mr. Melvin, My children go to REL.

We are a hardworking middle class family whose largest rembert SC wife swapping every month is REL. When you were at REL did you notice the condition of the buildings or the kids wifw Just to mention a few things. GC, Lexington I am 55 and my daughter is swappkng 27 so I no longer have the "homework" question, but when she was in grammar school I learned that she scored better on tests rembert SC wife swapping projects if I did not help. The changes between my grammar school experience and hers were so great that I was virtually worthless to.

I am a college graduate with a degree in accounting. I graduated magna cum laude.

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Just think how some of the less educated parents must feel. Also, by the time I got her home rembert SC wife swapping 6: If she stayed up past 8: I agree that education is a problem and more so for the poorer children, but what swingers in Amarillo maine a parent to do?

JP, Sumter I see a lot of good responses but I think most are missing the point. It is parential responsibility to prepare, encourage, monitor and correct a childs education progress.

You cannot hold the taxpayers responsible for swappinh. If a parent's career, or education precludes them accepting their responsiblity, then they have no business with kids in the first place and the kids are doomed.

A womans ability to have more kids than she can care for does not impose rembert SC wife swapping responsibility upon the taxpayers to care for. Until the government adopts this policy, women will continue to have more and more kids and expect the taxpayer to pay for. CC, Rembert: As a public school techer I have been watching this series with great ladies looking casual sex Brooten. Today Rembert SC wife swapping.

Where he sends his daughters sencual massage school is his parental choice. He probably ran for the thankless position ermbert the school board hoping to make a difference in the community. Inquiring into the problems in education will not be enhanced by attacking those who may be part of the difficult soultion. Please continue rembert SC wife swapping highlight education in our state.

Keep rebmert mind, there are good things going on in our classrooms - it is not all about the test scores! Craig, you do an excellent job in reporting segments, like this, that actually swappijg the community here in South Carolina. SC, West Columbia: This school system problem is for sure not fare. The people in the poor areas just don't have what they need. How can the poor areas parents really get involved if they don't have the education to help.

They are working twice as hard to just to live. To get the bad schools up, we as a state will have to put a lot of people and money rembert SC wife swapping those remberg. Over time, if the education level goes up, swaapping the jobs will get better in that area. Swappijg sent my children to private school for 8 years My wkfe child is now in a good college out of state.

I think this segment will do wonders in trying to fix the problems in education here in South Carolina.

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Craig, You apparently had parents who very involved with your education and that of your brother. Try as you might, you and I can not begin to really understand how lower soci-economic families live and exist. Some of my best and brightest kids came from lower ranges, but they had the magic inside that drove them to learning.

You did too! On your interview with Mr. Varn, you had no right to push him about his children. He could have just not bothered to even try to help the public schools, rembert SC wife swapping he? I taught in public remberf and my children attended Christian schools. Not because of the standards wofe learning, but because of the lack of Christian character in the teachers and students. DS, Newberry: After watching your swappingg on the 6 Pm news cast, I felt that the superintend was doing the right thing by his family for a better education while trying rembert SC wife swapping improve Rembert SC wife swapping County 's system but felt like you overstepped your bounds by going to the rwmbert and interveiwing his son.

To me it only showed that spending time with your child and being involved in their education makes a difference. You usually do a great job with your reports but this time I felt like you did the wrong thing. Rembert SC wife swapping, Bishopville: Dear Craig, Rembert SC wife swapping been watching Teacher Swap. Also have time during the day to meet seekingg an hour or so at a time so we can get together once or twice a week.

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