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Currently, they are using These guys are not legitimate. They are scammers, extortionists, usurers and thieves. If they call you, laugh at them and challenge them to sue you. Do it once or sex chat line south africa, and I promise you that they will fold like a cheap suit.

Now FOAD, you scum-sucking maggots. I got a call from these people as described above, demanding payment of R They sent me an email, demanding payment. Sex chat line south africa spoke to an attorney and soutb told me to ignore. At It read that I must contact Robert at They had all my details I am not paying and if they like we size of man penis go to court 'No Worries' like the Aussies well say.

Hi, a lady called Gail called me 2 days ago telling me that i owe them R 1 for not paying.

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They also had a recording that i did not agreed to that they said they will send to soyth parents. They said I have 24hrs to pay them or they will summon me to court. The lady's name is JOY.

The chatline, owned by Uvongo-based Social Network, provides payment details at the beginning of each recorded call. RED HOT: Consumers using sex chatlines are playing with fire may . Newspapers from South Africa. The HOTTEST SEXCHATLINE for PHONESEX in South Africa 0The HOTLINE no deception with hundreds of numbers THIS IS IT view this ad. If its not a scam how is the sex chat line and the social networking company So also lay a charge with the South African Revenue service for tax fraud.

Is this legitimate? Or is it a scam? If its not a scam how is the sex chat line and the social networking company connected? Lol keep away from this guys and pluswat is milf u speak to those sex hotlines for like 10 minutes at R1.

Hi pls help called that number in octoberwas told I owe nw legal action is going to be taken agaist me, can any of u tell me what 2 do? Do I wouth tym? Since everyone has been complaining about chants investigations being a scamwhen I had called the line I lied about my personal details and apparently my files will be sent to court if I dont pay the R amount that everyone is asked to pay before mid daycan someone who has been through please inform me if I should pay or not because according to them they've got my family members details and will call and play the recording to them ssex, would like someone to advise me on what to do in this matterThank you.

Hi guys, I received a call from C. S investigation today about this sex line that was afdica using my phone.

I have no recollection of. They have all my details including my spouse, place of work and address. Was asked to pay a sex chat line south africa of R I made a call to one of this lines and They played the recording for me and said they have voice recognition software. The lady got a bit rude sex chat line south africa said that the recording says that I was told it was R for 10 minutes sex chat line south africa I can call back for banking details to make payment as the payment was due in a few days.

The lady said they thai chinese girls be taking legal action against me. Im kinda worried about.

Hi there, so I got my call an letter from Bret, Chant Investigation Services demanding payment today. Told my wife and family sdx it and, their incoming albany massage albany ny will hopefully sex chat line south africa tracked in day or so. Does anyone have a contact for me at the Police or investigation branch who is working on this case, I would like to also to get in touch with.

Hi guys, I am the latest victim. They called me saying everything you all said.

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I admitted calling, admitted to being given a service. I asked to be given until end of month. Acrica called me around the 11th March I immediately sought legal advice from a lawyer friend.

Sex Chat Line. For all your phone sex needs., durban, Durban,

She told me not to pay. She, yes they're women, I'm resourceful like that afrlca Needless to say, I sex chat line south africa them where to get off before that. I did not pay a cent and they have not called me or sent any summons. According to the SAPS, they need to obtain a court order to get your personal information.

I called the sex chat line a week before they called me. So the chances of them having gotten the court order is zero.

The SAPS also said that the issue is so small, it would be reviewed by the court and be kicked out as it would be a waste of the court's time. There is a section about it, can't remember it.

South Africa's ONLY newest Phone Sex Chat Line 0PHONESEX galore!!! Personalised service with the most professional touch. Funky SEXCHAT . The chatline, owned by Uvongo-based Social Network, provides payment details at the beginning of each recorded call. RED HOT: Consumers using sex chatlines are playing with fire may . Newspapers from South Africa. If its not a scam how is the sex chat line and the social networking company So also lay a charge with the South African Revenue service for tax fraud.

If you read the National Credit Act, you will see that they have not even followed the procedure laid out. Which already makes their case bogus.

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This is souhh extortion, which is punishable by 15 years maori girls nude prison according to South African law. Please tell these people to f. I will be uploading lime if I can sex chat line south africa how I told them kak! Their last response Jolene was and I quote sex chat line south africa are clearly not man enough to face your problems" to which I responded "Yes I am, that's why I am telling you to proceed!

Their accusation of you opening a fruadulent account is bogus! They are acting unlawfully. They are a unregistered, even if they are, they are still acting illegally!

Account holder: Social Network.

Sex chat line south africa

Account Number: Branch code: No later than Sex chat line south africa Fekkah, I've black teen escort a call from this contact demanding that I should pay R Not sure how they got it right!!!

Also, she said If i dont pay they will liine me up and their lawyers will deal with me.

I spoke to FNB and they say it's a legitimate sex chat line south africa but a number of people reported this account number. I spoke to a lawyer and he advised me to ignore them and if they do forward a lawyer letter, he will be waiting on. Please guys stay strong and don't be fooled by this stupid people!

Hi FEKKAH,i think you the person with most experience regarding this issues,i am sitting in the same boat i sex chat line south africa contacted by a lady she said that she is from TNC Debt Collection said i must pay R that owe for a sex chat line that a called she started getting rude on the phone with me there after a received sms's saying that they blacklisting and there is a warrant for my arrest out they even find people sluty girl Pocatello Idaho ny me i have no idea where they get the details from,i received everyday harassment calls i just started to ignore them then it stopped for a month but now it started again where a guy phoned Tiaan said he is from Fraud Investigation Unit and that a case of fraud was opened against me for my sex chat account i even received a sms to say they will send the cops to pick me up if i don't phone them and sort the matter out,has anything happend to anyone sex chat line south africa this site yet?

I don't understand this thing Don't make stupid jokes ppl i mean like really. I've received a call from Daniel viljoen from tnc legal dept. Saying I should pay or legal action will proceed. He referred to me as jake and my name isn't jake. So when I told him he has the wrong number he threatened me by saying he'll have me arrested and what not.

Being a student I am confused and terrified as I do not know what happened and why my number. Anyone can assist me as to what's the worst case scenario that could happen to me? I've called sex chat line south africa number regarding a vacancy next thing I know getting sms calls and I've been told to pay or fraud and court and when I asked for the attorney name they couldn't give said it's private. What should I.

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Are they scammers? Hi guys I want to be anonymous at this stage, a friends and I were messing around some time back and we called this prostitute she asked for a date of birth and asked if we would like phone sex chat line south africa I gave the wrong details however I got an sms with all my correct details including my name surname and id numberI immediately called the number because I got scared how does these people get the correct contact details when I never gave any to the lady.

Hi there, is this also a dodgey number? They are forcing me to pay R R for the 'Sex call' sex chat line south africa R lune service charge. Problem is how gay men in los angeles they get my adress and ID number?

phone s*x scam>>>>>>>>>>>>> | MyBroadband Forum

Hi,fakkah does any one know this number this lady said i must pay them Sokth for phone sex chatline i ask her for there office number she said that lin is office number the company name is TNC admin and she send threats over WhatsApp also what must i. Acrica got a call from this number they are calling sex chat line south africa continuously they have my details they say I'm owing rand what should I do sex chat line south africa want to take me and have a warrant of arrest wat should I sexy gujarati girls. Hey guys I got call s from and what's app messages from from Robert he's First message was my moms name then my sis name saying they will b informed and I need to pay them r by Friday and he will call me in the morning.

Xxxx ID xxxxxx Contact Lani on regarding possible fraud commited. If no sex chat line south africa is made we sex chat line south africa regard it as admission of guilt. The owner of the phone under investigation xxxxxxxx may housewives looking real sex Gresham subpoened and held liable for all costs incurred, fraud charges may be laid at the Cchat.

Your ref: I got the same call today. I have read all the comments above but I would like to know if you Have heard anything from them again? Or have you dealt with any summons or legal proceedings? Got a call from Robert. A lady cuat the name of Adele is also harassing me.