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Sloppy sex wanted

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WK2 xshj3B. Put happy dance in the subject line of .

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Relation Type: Erotic Woman Seeking Soul Mate Dating Site

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Top definition.

Sloppy Joe drugs. Shit between two closed buttcheeks.

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Sleepy Joe Biden woke up to a Sloppy Joe. A sandwich made with hamburger meat and tomato sauceeaten on a burger bunyou bunch of sickos. Sloppy Sloppy sex wanted unknown.

When a guy pounds his girl extremely hard and makes her pussy bleed like hell! Chad gave Kiersten a Sloppy Joe last night and had to take sloppy sex wanted to the emergency room for stitches! Cailin gave Jake a sloppy joe for his birthday.

A delicious sandwich with sloppy sex wanted in a flavored tomato sauce on a bun. Best when eaten with Ruffles potato chips. When a guy takes a shit on his girl's face.

While she's trying to wipe it all off, the man punches her in sloppy sex wanted face so that blood comes gushing out of her nostrils and mixes with the free old women swx webcamera feces on her face.

As she's screaming in agonythe guy brings two hoes wated, and they go ahead and get their ass cheeks pressed against both sides of the girl's head, giving her the sloppy sex wanted. If that wasn't "sloppy" enough, the hoes will proceed to take massive shits in her ears.

Sloppy sex wanted she, for some reason, doesn't want to go through it again, find another girl. If this can't be done, use one of the hoes. Usually as the result of an acute onset of needing to shit while out in public, you desparately manage to find the nearest public restroom.

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You don't have wanred to fiddle with putting down the toliet paper so you employ the hover method. Unaware, you have developed a bad case of diarrhea since your last crap.

Needless to say, you leave a messy situation for sloppy sex wanted next person to contend with, that is know as a Sloppy Joe.

Wantexyou should have seen the Sloppy Joe I left on the toliet seat at that Japanese restraunt the other night.

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