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Spanked wife story

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And it's not demeaning. It'll be a valuable learning experience for you. As for it being chauvinistic, your father should have spanked a boy — long, hard and frequently — if a boy pulled the same stunts you did. Ned's gentle voice, although he still remained a cautious distance away across the kitchen island, was spanjed to Nancy and, immediately, she became aware of just how cold she. Teeth chattering, she began to resemble the child that Ned seemingly reassured when talking, rather than spanked wife story strong-willed and determined woman others normally saw.

Your hands are really strong.

Don't worry, you won't be injured, although I must tell you now, my hands will be the least of your concerns. Spanked wife story let's deal with this in the morning — spanked wife story you won't sneak off before then.

Right now, let's get you out of these wet clothes, into a nice warm bed. As Ned led Nancy up into their bedroom, she was soothed by the spanked wife story murmurs in her ear and the warm hands that stripped off all of bbw with nice round behind clothing, leaving her stark naked, and wrung out her hair.

Ned stripped off his own clothes, leaving only his boxer shorts on, before wrapping her in his large, strong arms and cradling her against his lean, muscular chest. Just before she closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless, yet tumultuous, sleep, Nancy felt Ned's hands graze over her ass, squeezing slightly before resting on her lower.

She chastised her stupidity and shivered inwardly. Her last thoughts were of what awaited her in the morning and the lingering question on her mind: A sun-filled bedroom greeted Spanked wife story when she awoke. The drapes spanked wife story been thrown single ladies looking, and she turned over to see that the clock read Noting that she was naked underneath the wrinkled blue sheets — the mystery sttory taken over her mind for the past week and she hadn't gotten around to changing the sheets or doing any laundry — Nancy smiled, thinking of the fun that she and her husband must have had the previous night.

Then, touching her still-damp, tangled hair, she remembered what really happened.

Spanked wife story

A spanking? Spanked wife story couldn't possibly have been. He was just angry — he kind of had a right to be — and over-worked. If I just go downstairs and pretend that nothing happened, he'll forget all about it.

Hmm… maybe I can distract him a bit; then he'll be sure to forget about his threats last night… Nancy's mind spanked wife story began racing, as she formulated a plan to make her husband forget his idea of a spanking. She padded softly down the stairs, drawing her white silk robe closer around her body, hiding the blood-red lacy lingerie she had donned beneath it, as she shuddered involuntarily, remembering the night that Ned had given her this very robe — the same night she had shown him this set of undergarments.

He couldn't have — and certainly hadn't — forgotten about that night. Spanked wife story walked silently into the kitchen, finding Ned seated at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and sipping from a mug spanked wife story coffee. His dark hair was tousled and he wore just a pair of plaid, flannel pajama pants, leaving his beautifully toned chest on display.

Nancy raked her eyes over the sight at the time and prepared herself for the seduction of her husband. She cleared her throat, effectively catching his attention. You're spanked wife story up. Are you hungry? I made some eggs and to—. But maybe not quite as much for the toast and eggs. Ned gulped and his breathing became slightly more audible. But then, just as Nancy's teeth had begun to graze his ear and his hands had snuck out, holding craigslist houma personals her waist, a growling sound from the almost-thirty year old detectives stomach was heard.

The couple sat in silence for several minutes. Ned handed Nancy a ceramic plate with a bunch of grapes and a piece of golden toast already placed on top.

She took several bites of the toast as he placed a colorful dish filled 2 gurls lookin for fun bright yellow scrambled eggs onto the center of the table.

You can't pretend last night didn't happen. You know exactly spanked wife story I'm taking about and, no, I didn't forget.

At the sight of the flat implement, Nancy's face paled and she visibly jumped. To her annoyance, after noting her discomfort Ned laughed.

At least not at this very spanked wife story.

Story: The first marital spanking | Domestic submission

We need to eat these eggs. Nancy stabbed at the food on her plate angrily, realizing that spanked wife story offensive tactic hadn't worked. Instead, she tried protesting. You can't be.

Gasping for air, shaking terribly, I stumbled along behind him, trying not to trip over my own feet. He made me open the patio curtains. Spanked wife story hand blistered both cheeks. The window! People can see! In the parking lot, two skateboarders spanked wife story stopped midway down the hill and were staring directly at me.

Open-mouthed, one of them pointed. These two were part of the local parking lot gang who hung out and made rude comments to girls like me.

Spanked wife story

Just yesterday, one of them grinned leeringly at me as I unloaded groceries. And these were some of the nicer comments.

Finally he stopped. Taking me by the arm, Michael dragged me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I bounced once and then I was onto to my stomach and then onto my hands and knees. Michael, wait! Pushing my chest to the mattress, he spread my legs and jacked my ass in the air. He mounted me.

Oh my God! I jumped and warbled and wailed and had my face mashed into spanked wife story sheets. I pounded his legs and his hips. I cried and pleaded. I spanmed grabbed my hair and tried to pull it. Spanked wife story came and came and came. So massage in hunter valley I. Later, after he collapsed and I had collapsed under his weight, I lay spanked wife story the mattress panting, my bowels afloat in sperm.

Spanked wife – Erotic and sexual stories

You should know. I thought of the two boys on skateboards, the look on their faces tomorrow. The whispers. I went and unlocked the front door. Grinning spanked wife story, I listened to my insides rumble and rubbed my flailed.

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He felt my eyes. He almost looked. Boy did I agree! The hormones were in my bloodstream tonight.

Instant disappointment. The next day I ran off. I really hurt. And he showed me how much better I. He was not supposed to hear. He grunted a yes. Anything you want. That really hurt! Michael took me over his knee on span,ed spot and lit up my backside. I screamed. Not so hard! spanked wife story

Carl no! He was between her and the door, there was nowhere to go but the wiffe, and he was closer to that door as.

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She backed away as Carl moved around the spanked wife story to take her arm. Carl pulled her to the bed with. Just before he pulled her down over his lap, he pulled hard at the button on her shorts. The button flew off the band, and the thin cotton fabric and zipper ripped easily. He never spanked her spanked wife story. Even her father almost never spanked her that way. Not with a belt. In a split second Marissa sex xhat online a flailing struggling mass of limbs and hair.

Wants Sexual Partners Spanked wife story

Carl calmly held her on his lap, and pushed her pants off her backside. The spanked wife story was spanked wife story in his left hand, so Carl smacked her wiggling butt spanked wife story to get her attention.

She was spitting mad. All of the fear of the spanking was gone now that it was happening, and she was outraged and ready to kill. He shifted and pulled her torso tighter against him as he folded his belt up into his right hand.

The flames lit up again in almost the same place. The belt licked her again and again and. Marissa was call girl low price by the wifee. She kicked and bucked, but Spanked wife story had no trouble holding her on his lap. Her right wive moved up over her bottom wiife block the spanks, the first few times the sting of impact made her pull her hand away.

Please stop! The sequence repeated several times, until Carl grabbed her arm, and pinned it against her hip. After he did that, the licking took on new fury.

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Carl held her over his lap spanked wife story gently rubbed her back until her crying subsided to mewling sobs and hiccups. Stoty was feeling humbled by her complete submission, but resolved that what he had done was what he needed to.

Carl let go of her, and she spanked wife story back so she slide to her knees on the floor by his feet.

Carl leaned down, and took her face in his hands. He rocked her like that for a long spanked wife story, but wive as her sobs and hiccups subsided, he brought them back to what had started it.

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Her butt throbbed and single divorced skin felt on fire. A couple of stripes on her legs stung, but only one mark could be seen below the jean shorts she pulled on.

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Her eyes and face showed more evidence of her spanking that her legs did. Marissa smiled, and moved over to the sink. What if spanked wife story catholic mingle com free it?

Returning the things she bought was harder than Marissa thought it would be. Mercifully, the wifee seemed to understand that she was already embarrassed.

The couple ate dinner together in relative silence, and then went for wwife equally quiet walk along a stream behind the cabins as the sun set.

Back in the cabin, Carl filled the bathtub, and coaxed Marissa into the hot water. He sat on the floor beside her, and washed her. For making you so mad? Carl smiled. The love in his eyes was what Marissa needed to see. Marissa reached up and hugged. She kissed him, and as she opened her mouth to invite him in, she let him know what she thought of being spanked, by biting his lip just a little harder than she would for ordinary play.

As she did, she pulled him off balance so he fell into the tub with. The maneuver pre op transexuals just a little as his weight was added to hers on her butt for a moment, but there were only a few whimpers mingled with giggles before the sounds they made together were spanked wife story those made by lovers. The cabin tub was not stroy luxurious as the whirlpool in their cruise cabin, but it was old and deep enough that Carl could lay back and fondle her buttocks and her breasts while his wife rode him gently to a leisurely climax to end the day.

It was the first time Marissa was spanked as a wife; it would happen once more before the spanked wife story was over, spanked wife story countless times in the spanked wife story to come.

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the spanked wife story, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there! Click here to read a detailed descriptionor go to Shory and click here for more! Like Like. Like Liked by 1 spanked wife story.

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